Find room for love

Have I said how much I adore Christian Schloe’s imagery? His paintings speak to me.

When acts of violence happen we automatically think of our loved ones, especially people not by our side.

Unlock your inner universe and share it. You are as big on the inside as the world is on the outside. Dig deep and find a common love.

Think of people living with conflict every day. Ask why war fuels hate, why it is kept going.

Ask our politicians what matters most – peace for all or the selling of arms.

Dushmani – on division

Hisao. Life story. If one takes the time to listen to life stories, one learns. To learn is the aim of we humans. Sometimes you have to be the first to listen. To do so without judging, is tricky. Finding the common ground is also a walk over a bed of nails. But common ground we must strive towards despite our feelings. That doesn’t mean no protest, no anger, no disaffection. Nor does it mean we have to give up everything. But we have to give up something. On all sides. And those who are far too brick-headed and full of ego need to be taught by those who understand that we learn together. Until then, division will rule us through whomever it is favouring. There are two kinds of peace: positive and negative. Positive peace enables. As for equality and fairness, isn’t that what we all want. As well as a planet that is safe to live on. Mother Earth and all her little babies need us grown-ups to get our act together. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Think a little differently. Feel a little differently. Act a little differently. And as someone said – change and the world changes with you.
P.S. Dushmani is a word common to the Balkans and to the east of them. It represents the snake, as the enemy. It’s a metaphorical term we all know and understand. A word ingrained.
More to come….

cat cutting apophis