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Swedish Fairy Tale

The honey bee and the hare illustration by John Bauer

It’s Saturday morning. The radio’s on. I have a mug of very good coffee.  Before I get stuck in to writing academic noodles, I’m having a little browse on My Pinterest and Ravelry….

Don Quixote illustration by Svetlin Vassilev


The Secret – (stranded) pattern by Julie Hamilton from Ravelry



The Knitting Sutra

I finished reading it the other day and a fair bit of the book resonated with me, particularly the journey of knitting, being involved with all kinds of people through creating and making, being welcomed by many in to their ways of doing things.The Knitting Sutra

All this has made my life a rich experience without having to travel far, all these people have been on my doorstep and in groups I have been a part of or got involved with. It dawned on me that I have travelled without travelling. It’s a fundamental need of mine and a part of my heritage – to travel.

What also resonated is just how far I am from my own knitting heritage. Even though I was taught by my mother – all kinds of things to make and the geometric patterns and roses of Bosnia – there’s a part of me deep inside that wants to indulge in the patterns of Serbian tribes and regions. I have avoided them – partly because of complexity and partly because, well – that’s for another time to share.

Rowan Knitting Magazine 44

What I am working on now – from Rowan Magazine 44

But like when I picked up the fiddle to play Scottish tunes, the ‘click’ happens with knitting. I was told that I knew instinctively, the tunes, the patterns were in me. I got patterning. The rhythm is in everything because it is in us constantly.

Intricacy, sitting and doing is also mentioned in the book. The process –  and I know this – is often more important than the end result. I am spending my time knitting things ‘because I can’ make them. Who knows, maybe I’ll move on to the more tricky, inner soul stuff at some point. But a journey calls me – I will have to go and do a perusing of the scene soon, to connect again, with the root. The root of me.

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