Confessions of a nosh-lover.

I’d like to say that I got through crimbo without eating any chocolate, but that would be a fib. It happened to be in a bit of cake and on a biscuit. Salt intake has been kept to zilch in my own cooking, but it’s a major bmr when noshing out on other’s cuisine.

Over the months I have noticed how salty, fatty and sweet our world is. How easy it is to insult someone by saying you can’t eat what they have cooked, and then giving in quietly the next time, to keep the peace. People get touchy about food and drink, especially when they know what going without means. You eat what you have and that’s that.

Another crimble is imminent next weekend, followed by other people’s slavas, all in January. Seven course dinners will test my resilience. If there is Hungarian salami in the mezze, I’m screwed. It’s costly stuff, forget Italian salamis, Hungarian is the emperor!

I won’t be going to all feasts I’ve been invited to. And there is a wholly vegan n fish side to the cuisine which I will partake in at home, minus the salt – difficult with salted cod, polenta – minus the cheese, sauerkraut minus the smoked ribs. Then I will get fed-up with all of it and revert to brown rice and lentils, raw fruits and veg.

Our relationship with food is linked to our connection to wars, famines, poverty, community and domestic strife. Balance is possible across the globe. We don’t need to live in extremes of not having enough to producing too much. We can alter traditions too, if we wish.

Then there’s Chinese New Year…

I still dream of an orchard in the sun. Fruits kissed by sunshine is surely the essence of life. 

No Time To Work

I don’t know about your time, but mine is taken up more and more with projects,but not all work-related. In fact, they are becoming more about every day living, books, music, knitting, gardening, training and now the future education of my son.

The notion of getting a well-paid full-time job seems to have left me now, after living in the Highlands for 13 years, I’ve come to realise that possibly it’s not going to happen for me. Various factors come in to play here, not least because I have to take caring for others in to account, but also as someone who isn’t part of the cultural ‘norm’ here, it’s shall we say, a wee bit tricky. I’ve discussed this very problem with others who understand and empathise with my experience and the narrowness of culture as it has become in this region. By narrowness, I mean the lack of acceptance of diversity and just a very few individuals running the joint.

However, there are far more important things to be concerned with than small-minded people. There are of course, lots of people here who relish diversity, as I do and it’s with them that I can share my passion for life.

So why no time to work? Work has become pretty boring lately, I won’t go in to detail, because it is boring! I need stimulation on a daily basis and am inventing my own, with a hope that other folk will want to join in with me.

This is one project, the damned yard! I have renamed my back garden after Ivo Andric’s novel of the same name. I recommend reading it, it’s all about imagination and how it can save us from damnation. This garden is in desperate need of revitalising, part fruit orchard, part currant, some herbs and lots of sticky willie, ticks and ground elder – it’s ready for a re-vamp. I know what I want to happen in it -I want it to be a haven for bees and for it to give me lots of fruit. Perhaps even get involved with people of similar notions across the world. There is no need to be confined to locality these days.

Then there’s the writing thing, am just about to finish up the Scottish Book Trust Family Legend programme and it’s been a good experience. I still have three books to finish off and am inspired to do so by my fellow nanoers. One will be off to the publishing world this year, that is a guarantee. I have another idea, but it’s a kept secret until it comes to fruition. Excuse the pun, but growth seems to be the thing of 2011. Then there’s me – another project, but that’s another story. We plan on 2011 being a good year in terms of small successes, developments, good music and happiness-hopefully everything else will slot in to place.