Paris, Beruit. Dear everywhere….

We can get on our moral high ground on social media (guilty always) but as we are out and about we must be aware of our own feelings and reactions to everyone around us. Even a smile or nod hello, can help disperse anxiety and fear. There are incidents of hate crime being reported across Britain.
I know this sense of fear and anxiety well and how very rapidly, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and even family can fall out when there is a threatening atmosphere amongst us. This is how we all are around the world. Suspicion takes over. Trust leaves. Vigilance becomes a prejudice-based act.
War destroys absolutely.
We all think of our children first. Every time. All of us. That in itself means objectivity can vanish. But our kids have to be able to live in a harmonious world soon. All our kids should feel safe to play in their homes and outside on the streets and in fields.
I feel a deep sense of loss when I hear of young men who take to acts of violence and destruction. That hurts too as much as loss of life because of their acts.
Lead by example. Be the light. Children first. Always.
Love and peace  ‪#‎Bradford4Peace‬

Bastille Day – what revolution next?

2012 – What revolution can occur this year that would change the world we live in?

The year we decide that all children have the right to play, freedom of self-expression, be creative, live in a safe world, without poverty, pain or the anger of adults. That they can feel safe to create the art they want to, walk the streets, be supported by adults throughout their lives.

What is a child?  A person raised from the womb til their mid-20’s.

Who can make this revolution happen? All of us.

World Peace. That is all. Make it so. I will not give up on this no matter what.