Nothing stays the same for long…

I’m now gluten and dairy free. Still working on the veggie/vegan bit – I can have eggs. Not sure I can give them up if I really don’t need to. Elimination and diary-keeping over a number of weeks have led to significant changes. This also means that what other people have cooked for me is no longer viable. Eating out – there are places. Then there’s funny quirks – I don’t like soya milk, I can’t have tomatoes. It’s doable. I am growing to like it and to like ditching the old foods for new. As for gibanica – I’ll have to invent a whole new recipe!

I’m also changing what I do and how I do it. It’s time to put stories to the fore. My novella, Butterfly Coffee is now with an agent! I am putting together a collection of shorts from my notebooks and this website. My workshops are evolving too. Hisao is gathering momentum.

The first year of the Peace Studies Masters will soon be over. I have mixed feelings about it, particularly its connections. More on that another time. I have, however, thought more about movements. I want people to move with me, change with me.

Staying here? The Dales are calling.


Power of Words

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