Seventy years since Hiroshima…

I will, forever and a day, hope for world peace, for weapons to be of no use to us, for us to realise that we have all we need to live a harmonious life. If that makes me naive, sobeit.
The last time I was with CND, here in Saltaire, someone asked me if I’d join. I said I’d been a member for over 30 years. She said, yes, we’re still campaigning. I replied, yes, we are never giving up.
I have heard a few people say that Japan got what it deserved. I don’t have an answer for that. But perhaps being gleeful when something we don’t like is destroyed, bombed, blown away isn’t very humane either.
There is no real victory in the victory of war. No one wins. We lose, big time, every time and the impact on us as humans continues in our psych, our bodies, our inner well-being through the generations.
I don’t have an answer, either, when it comes to dictators, empire mongers, haters – other than love. We can’t have an enduring and continuing love when we engage in hatred, a desire for power, and teach our children that the only way is the me way.
If like me, you are naive too….say hello.
There endeth my morning speech. I come in peace, always.


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