Blast Beat Blues – Demo: Death At The Carnival/Hectic Spaghetti Demo

I saw BBB last night and they were ******* awesome! Just what you need to blast those election blues away!

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Hope you brought earplugs… These guys are loud!

Blast Beat Blues 
Death At The Carnival/Hectic Spaghetti 
2 May 2015 (Instrumental Alternative Rock)
Available for free here

When three people get in a room and play some music, it’s a given that it can sound a bit “thin”, and then you have Blast Beat Blues who come along and completely destroy that idea.

These first two tracks are extremely promising, and it is clear from the brief ten minutes that it takes to listen to them that these guys have got the potential, and the skills, to be BIG.

The term instrumental always puts off a few, but when it comes to this release, the lack of vocals does not prove a bad thing. Guitars, bass and drums all have their place to show off some nice licks and fills, and both songs scream musicality and expert musicianship.

It is no…

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