The Tall, Thin Man

I started school yesterday.

The teacher gave me my first book, in English, to take home. I sat on the stairs in the middle of the house looking at it. It was about two children called Janet and John. There were just a few words inside but I didn’t understand very much.

I flicked through the few pages and looked at the pictures.

‘See Janet run’, said a voice behind me.

I could see out of the corner of my eye who it was. The tall, thin man who sometimes came to visit us.

‘It’s a lot easier than you think, Mia’ , he said.

He was smoking a cigarette as he smiled at me. He was always kind and helpful when there wasn’t anyone else around. He always wore a suit and a tie. His face was dark, and he had big blue eyes. Some of his teeth were made of gold.

‘Do that trick again’, I said.

I wished I could do it. But he said it was only tall, thin people like him who could. Children weren’t allowed and I was to never try walking through walls.

He was very tall. I’m not sure he walked. I could never see his feet.

I told mama about him, many times. She said it was nonsense. There was no man walking through walls in our house.

What do mamas know.

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