The Man Who Sang To Ghosts

Epic tales, I love them. The ghost, love and war tales of Japan, among others across the world.

Ghosts are prominent  as we move in to a new year. Lyrics from Japan’s song run round my mind at the moment.

The man who sang to ghosts – a Japanese epic poem in which a blind bard  meets the ghostly heroes of his own songs is a great story. Also known as The Tale of the Hoichi and The Battle of Dan Na Ura, it’s about the rise and fall of the Hoichi dynasty in medieval Japan. It is the Iliad to Japanese people, written in the 1200’s and still performed now.

There are no boundaries between past, present and future. We are made of the stars and are  evolving  like the universe. In space there is no yesterday, today, tomorrow. There is no new year, old year.

When we have learned to let go of time, then we will simply be.

Happy new year? Happy eternal universe of storytelling.


Masaki Koboyashi’s KWaidan (Ghost Story) (Film)

I first heard of Zen when I was twelve. My interest in Japan grew thereafter  – a journey of the mind, philosophy and the space in-between the things we think we know. A connection between tradition and modernity.

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