Gentlemen Take Polaroids

I entered a long-time favourite album of mine to BBC Radio 6 a few weeks ago, to their All Killer No Filler in Liz Kershaw’s Saturday afternoon programme.

It was chosen!

I went live on air on 22nd November to talk about the album and have a track played – Nightporter.

Liz was great, very supportive.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Liz

 I’d like to put forward my choice which is Japan’s Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Virgin 1980)

 I bought the album in Bradford’s HMV in 1980 and became a fan of Japan, Sylvian and the other band members during their work together and as individuals. I would have chosen Brilliant Trees by Sylvian too, if it was allowed.

 Gentlemen Take Polaroids I think is something very special, with  not a track out of place. It shows off the band’s musicianship, lyrics and collaboration wonderfully. Japan, with this album, transformed in to an art house of music, transitioning in to something very polished since their Arista days.

 Each track tells its own story and each is rich and sumptuous in its layers of sound, melody and words.

 I was fifteen when I bought the album – moving through from punk, new wave and exploring more of British contemporary music. I think Japan get over-looked – they were a superb British band.

 If chosen I would like the title track, Gentlemen Take Polaroids played – this was a single release in 1980,  and Nightporter (which I would like dedicated to all Japan fans) – a lovely melancholy waltz.

 It would be nice to see a Japan revival some time soon.



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