I Know Where I’m Going!

Eight days to go until the independence referendum in Scotland. Yes or No. Whatever the outcome, and it’s looking like a close Yes or 50/50 , everything will change as Scotland strives for a democracy of participation. Everything will change across the UK as regions strive towards localised powers and away from centralisation.

Let’s not forget the people who brought us to this point. Unlike the film – which is delightful and a favourite of mine – yet  of middle class, business and laird aspirations –  the people who got us here were ordinary yet extraordinary.

It is the Labour Party and its instigators that brought us to this point whereby ordinary working class folk can vote for a referendum.

I am not at all sure of some of the hangers-on who claim to be for Scotland as of late, very late. I have not seen or heard of many of them working or striving towards social justice and equality, against poverty in Scotland. They have just popped up on the bandwagon of self-serving recognition as spurious nobodies.

So let’s remember Keir Hardie, Jimmy Reid, Jennie Lee, Donald Dewar, John Maclean

keirhardieJohnMaclean JennieLee


the artist; (c) Anne Mackintosh; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation‘Wisdom. Justice. Compassion. Integrity. Timeless values. Honourable aspirations for this new forum of democracy, born on the cusp of a new century.
We are fallible. We will make mistakes. But we will never lose sight of what
brought us here: the striving to do right by the people of Scotland; to respect
their priorities; to better their lot; and to contribute to the commonweal.
I look forward to the days ahead when this Chamber will sound with debate,
argument and passion. When men and women from all over Scotland will meet
to work together for a future built from the first principles of social justice.
‘ Donald Dewar

I know where I’m going, but I also want to make sure I’m going with the right people who will end poverty and who will ensure more empowerment of ordinary yet extraordinary  people until they  run the show. Empathy. Not patronising sympathy.


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