My Veggie Moussaka

You will need

A dish to bake in – fairly deep

A pan to fry in and one to make all the saucy ragu bit in. Ingredients:

Aubergine  – sliced and salted, left to rest for half an hour then washed

New potatoes – thinly sliced and par-boiled

A brown-skinned onion and garlic

Olive oil

Red lentils


Celery and Carrot


Carton of chopped tomatoes

Feta cheese

Flour, butter and cheddar for the white sauce, bit of parmesan

Herbs – bay leaf, rosemary, oregano and thyme

A large tomato

Whilst the aubergine is seeping, do the ragu bit with everything except the potatoes, 1 fresh tomato and of course the aubergine. Make a nice rich ragu. Add tomato puree to thicken it up and herbs as you like. Quantity is all about how much you want to eat and who you are feeding. Don’t forget to season.

Wash the aubergine and then fry on both sides til golden brown.

Make the white sauce

Then start layering – ragu, then aubergine, potato, ragu, aubergine, then the fresh tomato sliced, and a final layer of potato. In between all the layers crumble some feta.

Top it all with the white sauce and bung the moussaka in the oven. 45 mins on 160 deg.

Goes nicely with a green salad.

Tastes just as good the next day.


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