Small Places – Big Imaginings

Every now and then I think about the early places that influenced my own exploration in to imagination.

They were places where I would find books to read, notebooks to write in, pens, pencils and felt-tips. Comics, 45s and LPs. All small places within walking distance of home.

The Post Office with its Silvine stationery and selection of hard-back editions of classics and the lure of those old-fashioned sweets.

The corner shop next to the fire station, loaded with comic books, and yes, more sweets.

The record shop still busy. A place where you could browse and not be bothered.

The library -one room but all the sci-fi you could ever want.

In all these places it was OK to spend time, looking, listening, choosing.

I watched the X Men First Class tonight and remembered  I had  read them as a child at some point. I liked Marvel comics. But I didn’t know this…

Early X-Men issues introduced the team’s archenemy Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants featuring MastermindQuicksilver,Scarlet Witch, and Toad. The comic focused on a common human theme of good versus evil and later included storylines and themes about prejudice and racism, all of which have persisted throughout the series in one form or another. The evil side in the fight was shown in human form and under some sympathetic beginnings via Magneto, a character who was later revealed to have survived Nazi concentration camps only to pursue a hatred for normal humanity. His key followers, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, were Roma (gypsies). 



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