#BosniaFloods and #SerbiaFloods – Donation Details

Bosnia and Serbia have been hit by the worst floods since records began 120 years ago, this May 2014.

There are countries in Europe, the EU and European Council who are all providing support, aid and direct help in very practical ways right now. People are doing what they can in their own areas to help those trapped or in need of supplies.

The extent of the floods are massive involving inter-connected rivers, that travel across the entire Balkan region from Slovenia and out of Serbia, east. This group of rivers are known as the Blue Heart of Europe.

There have been over 300 landslides in Bosnia, waters up to 4 metres high in Serbia – entire towns have been covered. Deaths and casualties still to be ascertained. Croatia is also being affected now.

Electricity, drinking water and medicines are all under danger. People are also concerned for their animals – domestic and wild. There is much farming ground too.

It is the Rivers Sava and Drina in Bosnia and Serbia that are having the biggest impact. I should include the Kolubara in this. They all confluence with the Danube. There is a further large wave expected from the Sava tonight, 18 May.

The international tennis player Novak Djokovic runs the Novak Foundation and he has put up details of where to donate to both Serbia and Bosnia during this difficult time.

These details are legitimate and can be found here:


I thank you for reading this and would like to ask that you share this information.




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