Happy Ederlezi!


For ALL our communities

As the leaves return to the trees and memories of winter cold slowly vanish, on May 6 we celebrated the Romani spring festival “Ederlezi” and, more specifically, the wonderful song dedicated to the changing of the seasons.

Taking place roughly forty days after the spring equinox, “Ederlezi” is the Romanes name for the Bulgarian and Serbian Feast of Saint George (Đurđevdan) and is much the same as Turkish “Hidrellez” which also heralds the beginning of spring.

In older times when the Roma would travel across the land, the long and cold winters would prevent them from travelling. So, the spring and the changing of the seasons would re-invigorate a culture every year.

The opportunity to travel re-appeared with the better spring weather and, to thank God, Roma would throw flowers into the rivers and seas. This was and remains also a tradition in India where the…

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