Why Stories Matter

Encircling my work in progress for the last few months – or is it three years now, the same question comes up. Why am I compelled to tell it?

What is acceptable and why? There has been a hashtag #Weneeddiversebooks floating about. What is diversity? It is acceptance. We are in a strange place on this matter at the moment politically, globally. The discussion re books is an important one. Dominant characters exist in real life and in stories.

Who are they? What are their ambitions. Are there universal characters. Do we assume there are in a white western perspective world.

I’m a bit averse to being told what to like. I have my own journey. I like surrealism, indie music, funk, jazz, latin, Kahlo, Akhmatova, Simic, Gaiman, Angelou, Sylvian, Marquez, Japan, Mexico amongst many other things. I like artists, writers, musicians, places, that step out of reality, just off to the side.

When it comes to use of language I can read authors of prose and poetry whose language is a part of me – this is different to story content.

So I write for me. In my own time. A story of my own.

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