Where the Spirit yearns to be

If anyone’s gonna have one, it’s me.

It’s been a bit of a misfiring though for some time as nothing is right. Nothing feels right. I’m like Goldilocks.

There is both stuckness and inevitable freedom on the horizon. Some things have been hard for a long time. Weariness has crept in where the tenacity used to fight back instantly.

But there is a deep spiritual churning and with it some things are at an end, as are some friendships. All is being questioned.

There is change. There’s an empty nest. A missing of significant others.

I am enjoying reading, learning languages and about  communication. The first half of the twentieth century has me in its art, history and film. But I don’t want to live in that world. I want fresh, airy, light, modern. A new world.

I just can’t do small talk. Fishwifery and gossipy  – no! Kiss off peer pressure I say!

Midlife Transformation? Yeah, looks like it. Don’t mind if I do.



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