(n.) a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home, the place where you are your most authentic self

Here where my home is

My right is to live in it, in peace

My right is to live in it with rights given to me

Where I raised my child

Where my books are, my music, where diversity is in my mind and soul

I can take part in culture if I wish, I can bring culture if I wish

My home travels with me, in my soul

That’s how I was raised

You are as big on the inside as the universe is on the outside

Open and explore your inner self and the wider world

With real depth

There lies Querencia

Block out the naysayers, those who accuse you of things you have not done – that is their envy speaking. Those who can not accept your inner depths – that is their jealousy whispering. Be what your mother allowed you to be. Those who speak against you are without deep meaningful love.

I have learned that there are people who will use against you things you have told them, in confidence and in friendship. That they walked away when they should not have, always wanting materialism, not depth. And they are now left wanting for a life that they gave up, scrabbling for it before death comes.

My Querencia is all the better without them.




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