Meet Mr Fluff

MazMon chat de gardien est à côté de moi

He’s Mr Serious

He’s Mr Foodie

He’s Mr Big Daftie

He’s Mr Loyal

He’s our cat Maz

When cats leave us, we often say, never again. And as the BIG THREE went one by one, and the two that followed seemed to be blighted by bad karma; it was a few months before deciding life without a cat could be a little bit dull. So I went in search of another. And came home with a three year old male, huge and sturdy, very fluffy.

He liked it here, so he stayed. No more moving around from house to house. Very loveable.

And you learn things. Like, don’t leave the margarine tub or butter dish out. Put the cat biscuits on top of the kitchen cupboard where he can’t reach. When he walks over to the pouches, that’s what he wants. When he sits by his water bowl, he means fresh water please. And so on. He watches the telly, the mouse on the screen and listens to youtube bird songs.

I’m expecting telepathic communication soon.

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