This is my version

Quantities as you like them.

You will need

Smoked haddock

Basmati rice


Peas, brocolli, green beans, carrots – fresh or frozen

Close-cupped mushrooms -white or chestnut

Boiled egg

Turmeric, curry powder, bay leaf, ground coriander, cumin

Fresh coriander and parsley – if you have

Start with frying the onion lightly in a pan of sorts – big enough to fit all the ingredients in.

Add the turmeric, curry powder,bay leaf, coriander and cumin

Add the haddock and chopped up vegetables and stir. You could also add some bacon too.

Add the rice and water or stock, stir and let simmer til the rice is cooked.

Boil the egg/s separately.

Put in chopped parsley and fresh coriander just before serving, season.

Serve with halved boiled egg, bit of parmesan, slice of lemon.







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