A distracting summer

It would be easier to stay focused if it was wet and windy this July, but so far it has been such a hot, dry month. The grass is scorched (or is it the moss), plants are wilting in the beds and watering a few in the evenings has become a ritual.

Most things have been washed and dried successfully in a matter of hours. Leaving the washing out on the line over night gives it that extra fresh summery scent – cushion covers, quilts and spare bedding, all taking its turn to rotate in a light breeze.

The cat spends his days lying inside by the  open door, too hot to bother with the birds. Too hot to do anything at all, he says.

Although it is a beautiful summer, in a lovely place, reality has set in. It is time to go hame. It is time to build a new dream. It is time to leave Brigadoon and to be very serious about life. It’s all about time.

Mind-changing. There has been  a lot, and there might be more yet.  Complete U-turns may be possible, or is it about revisiting something after a long time away.

But some things will always be constant…


Still writing.

A bit, every day.


Still resisting, every day.


Children first, always.

For the love of humanity.





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