Don’t hide from the wind…

War destroys trust. Not just nation on nation, but between sisters too.

We still refuse to listen to each other, instead choosing to subjugate women, men and children to pain. It seems to suit somebody somewhere to do this.

There are excuses made on grounds of religion, the extremism that today, has a stranglehold on us. All of us.  We have lost the ability to empathise,  instead we marginalise.

The fascism is back with a vengeance across nations and in the minds of those who choose to hate – hate for hate’s sake. It festers in them, an addiction and a denial of their own inner misery and self-loathing.

We are being herded once more  – whatever you may be, gay, black, ill, fat, poor. As before.

And if we knew differently, if we understood that there is an alternative way of living. Would we choose to do it. We have also created a world in which absolute peace is possible and we have Earth as our Mother still here to serve us.

Pain. War. Hate. Control.

These things divide us for generations.

And what of Afghanistan, Syria or the Balkans – is anyone taking notice of what is happening in Bulgaria?

So I write a story. It’s about something that was known, before the Second World War, about the Axis Powers.  One whole letter and a half- letter  reveal a knowing.

Words are everything. They justify actions.

Helena and Mirko knew.

They found out.

Butterfly Coffee.

Herd the young sheep over the mountain, don’t hide from the wind that leads the way. Never hide from the wind that leads the way. A song from Bosnia.

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