Yoghurt DIY


My Bosnian mother made yoghurt. It’s easy, mostly. This was her method.

Milk – however much you fancy, whatever kind you prefer

A small pot of plain yoghurt – any kind

A pan

A glass bowl

Pour your milk in to the pan and bring to almost boiling point,  gently whisking as you go.

Let it cool down slightly and then pour in to the bowl.

Add the yoghurt from your bought from the shop pot and stir.

Place the bowl somewhere nice and warm. Today in the heat of the heady sun, my bowl is outside covered over by a plate.

Leave it for a few hours to get all cultured.

There will be two layers forming in the bowl. The bottom white solid-looking stuff is the yoghurt. The top creamy-yellow water that’s slightly foamy on top is just that!

Once you have a yoghurt that you are happy with, you can pour away the water or mix some of it in. The longer the yoghurt is left to get all cultured the stronger it will taste. Once you are happy with it, pop your home-made yoghurt in the fridge and eat within two weeks.

You can start the process all over again then from your own yoghurt.

If you want to be exact, there are temperature guidelines, but it’s OK to go by intuition.






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