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Dreaming My Animal Selves: Le Songe de Mes Ames AnimalesDreaming My Animal Selves: Le Songe de Mes Ames Animales by Helene Cardona
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was a pleasure and an honour to receive a copy of Helene’s bi-lingual poems from Salmon Poetry in Ireland. Helene has many strings to her bow including being a multi-linguist.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Helene’s poems in French and English,the wee quotes and dedications gave a delightful personal touch too. But of course it is her imagination, the scenes she sets and her weaving of nature with magic that truly captivate the reader.

I knew when I saw the title, I wanted to read the book. My favourites are Inquisitve Life, Notes From Last Night and Dreamer. As with all good poetry, the reader will find something in this collection that speaks directly to them or triggers their own imagination. Inquisitve Life gave me a sudden rush of vision – a colossal wave and an elephant on top of a giraffe blew my mind!

I would like to see Helene’s collection interpreted through a visual art form some time soon, these are poems that breathe and are full of nature’s living things, and infinite imagination. One for your bookshelf? Absolutely. And I would share with children too.

About Helene Cardona – known to many for her role as Francoise ‘Fuffi’ Drou from the film  Chocolat


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