Anorak Deja-vu

I forgot to take my camera and notebook out today. Had a lovely long walk around the river and canal – it was warm and sunny at times.

I dropped in to town whilst waiting for the car to get through its MOT and looked around the shops at the sales.

I had a feeling of deja-vu. Anoraks with hoods lined with hairy fur and quilted coats. Mis-shapen cable knit jumbo jumpers and cardies. All over-priced even in the sales.

Suddenly I felt as if I was back in the 70’s walking round Leeds or Bradford market, curling my nose up at the degraded ragtrade clothing. I was taken to buy an anorak. My heart would always sink. A bloody anorak, of all things.

There was a faux fur coat once. Awful. It was as if I would never get access to the leather one I wanted.


Every time I see the film East is East -it brings back the memories of being zipped up to the neck, hood over head and mittens dangling from strings. Somehow we had moved from gorgeous gabardine coats lined with red tartan, a buttoned hood, removable shrug and belt to anoraks.

They are not practical in wet weather, once wet you were not warm. Too warm to walk around town in, in and out of shops.

And now they are every where. Again.

I did also write about privilege, the working class and movement, rights etc.  We got lost between  the gabardine coat and the anorak.

The coat is ours – give it back…or else.

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