Vainglorious Creatures

Vainglorious is such a fabulous word, as is its definition – excessive vanity.

It seems that so many live their lives by this statement in lots of ways – perfect home, a toot-sweet family, pets, gadgets (expensive ones), second homes, holidays.

Yet there are an increasing number of dissatisfied individuals -somehow trapped in their success at achieving a perfect life – well one that looks perfect to the rest of the world. And so they reflect and mimic one another’s vanity.

What of it? Does it really matter? What of our obsession with beauty in all things? Can we justify it?

We are also consumed by the beauty of landscape – what value does this have in our lives -is there some kind of  blurring of what the word appreciation means?

Have we stopped feeling with our hearts, and look only with our eyes? Is there no spiritual backdrop to anything we do and is this why apathy and delusion sets in? We are moving further and further away from the grime of our industrial past to a world of plastic faces and hearts.

Artists and beauty:

Moonlight by John Atkinson Grimshaw.





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