Somewhere to hang out – a haven in a heartless world

Somewhere cool. Where you can hang out. There’s a grand piano, books, coffee, cocktails, jazz, the latin sound, other music too.

Relaxed. Easy. Meet with friends, talk, laugh. Talk about the good old days, the rotten now days and make plans for tomorrow.

Gather in groups, have celebrations. Tables of food, wine, candle light. A place where everyone is welcome, not just a select few.

Where artists feel comfortable to mingle, parents can bring children without judgement, old folk can sit comfortably.

All united by love of music, literature, food, drink, art. All together under one cosmopolitan roof.

Where am I? In places I have been, and where I would like to go. A sense of community based on the love of  the arts and culture.





And then I discovered this place, I’ve not been to before, it’s in New York.

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