Tomorrow…and the day after – People-centred social economics

We have created a life that should sustain us, but it seems that excess has the better of us.

We have over-created. Perhaps we have become accustomed to creating for the sake of it and forgotten about what we really need and instead go for what we want -whatever kind of consumerism that may be. There is a glut of some things and now suddenly we are realising that what we need – food and water – may be about to run short.

Without a doubt there will be issues around water and its storage and availability.  Something that has no boundaries and should belong to us all will become a product – I suppose we are already there in our land. Regulated provision of  drinking water and paying for it.

Food – we are now used to supermarket shelves burgeoning with food from across the world. How will this change in coming months? Will we see more of food that adapts to climate change and less of a variety. Or will some fresh produce become exclusive. Remember the days when nuts and satsumas at Christmas were a real treat? When huge Spanish oranges appeared on the stalls and you relished taking off that peel?

And apples from across the countryside, berries, oats and wheat. Think about what really matters and ask, what we really do need to focus on now.

What new types of food will we create or will we re-visit old ones, for instance watercress which seems to thrive in our sodden world at the moment.

And what of the writer who writes of the future -what is their vision?

I wait to see.


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