Just to make it quite clear…

I belong in three places: my ancestral home, my past home and my present home. I think it’s about time some folk got used to this. There is no one place in my heart and head – there are three places that I am made up of. There is also a fourth – a soul with no fixed abode – I also belong to the road.

I therefore have an eclectic view of life, various dialects picked up along the way – mix my Yorkshire English with a bit of Highland, some Scots and sling in many Balkan expletives. I can speak two languages in one sentence  – in one whole conversation.

I like art, music and literature from around the world. Get used to it. I will support an Italian football team cos I want to, I supported Team GB during the Olympics. I support Andy Murray and Nole Djokovic. Get used to it.

I honestly don’t give a fuck about nationalism -I never have and I NEVER will. It’s irrelevant in  this world, right here and now. There are bigger issues to deal with across the world, in our lives, in education, services, NHS, children’s rights.

So please don’t bore me with pseudo solidarity in the name of some kind of nationalism or religion or politics wherever you are, whoever you may be. I see you stabbing each other in the back when the other person’s not looking – it’s all so false. Learn to love all of humanity. Learn to understand that we are nothing without each other, without mixing, blending, variety, listening to each other, accepting differences. And above all – learn to love yourself.

I say this after many conversations over the last few days that I have found rather tedious, backward and uninspiring.

There endeth my sanctimonious grump for the night.

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