The Gift We Gave Ourselves

Yes, I’m still going on about music tuition and how fantastic to see Scotland on Sunday  is leading a campaign in favour of free music tuition at schools for all children.

Now at week three and with comments from Nicola Benedetti and Karine Polwart previously, this weekend’s edition looks at the benefits of music on a personal, social and educational level.

But why in the 21st century are we having to prove that music education matters. Surely with all that is around us, that is obvious?

It is very sad to see local authorities making profits on charging children, and before anyone says that is alright. It is NOT. State education should be FREE, all of it. The threshold at the moment to receive free tuition is extremely low, an awful lot of families don’t fall in to that category.

The opportunity a free music education gives at school to an individual, groups, communities is huge. That investment pays off massively over the years as children continue with instruments and join bands, orchestras or just play solo.

Music is a gift we gave ourselves. It should always be a gift, passed down from generation to generation. It should not be used to make profit from children’s creative needs and desires.





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