Film Star – something completely different

Flicking through a notebook, I found this character…


Nothing could stop Celia from her next fashion fix. She was ahead of the game when it came to fancy European designs. She was a refined snob, carefully hiding her past as a call-girl.

Her exotic beauty, perfect glass-hour figure was the to-have in her era. She was a famous starlet, a little like Marylin Munro or Jane Mansfield. She was far far superior to the overly slender creatures of today, and still, at the age of seventy-six, looked just the picture.

No nips or tucks, no injections. Not many are lucky to be born with the destiny of eternal youth on their face. Celia was, and she knew it. Every morning and night held rituals in the making of a perfect film star. She would never let herself go or let down the film world she belonged to.

She was always twenty-two, always beautiful. Her eyes were like dark almonds, lined with kohl and accentuated with heavy black mascara. Her eyebrows were set beautifully, unplucked.

Celia’s wardrobe was filled with black, earth and jewelled colours. She liked Tiffany’s and specially-made shoes by her personal fitter.

She was perfectly formed, perfectly alive and perfectly suited to a life of a filmstar and in the prime of her retirement.

Found after watching My Week with Marylin…how strange is that.

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