As I Get Older….

As of the last few weeks, or is it months, I have come to realise there are some things I don’t want to be as I approach fifty years of age – mostly based on what I see around me.

1. Unable to let go of the past

2. Some nauseating bint

3. An interfering busy-knickered community person

4. Peevish and jealous

5. Middle class

6. Patronising

7. Non-spiritual and therefore needy

8. Unkind and lacking in sympathy

9. Racist or stuck in some kind of cultural hole that is only about me and my own kind

10. Suffering from a superiority complex

I have noticed all of these in people older than myself in recent times, and I hope I can avoid being any of them. Mostly I think that is down to attaining some kind of spiritual dignity as one ages.

I could make comparisons between two people I know – one just turned sixty and the other fifty. Both very different in nature yet having lived through some similar ¬†experiences. The sixty year old is far more dignified a person, yet has far less materially, one could say the opposite of the fifty year old. So what does the older one have? An ability to take life’s experiences in their stride, being grounded and understanding that when life gets hard there’s a place they need to go to.

So what do I want as I get older? To live life with dignity.



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