The Road to Self-Determinism


In two weeks’ time, I have to deliver a speech – I agreed to do it, somewhat foolishly, as I am not a public speaker or presenter. I am, in fact, a very private person with deeply-held feelings and beliefs and I rarely share my real self with the world. Writing is a good way, though to share, and I thought that perhaps I could deliver this speech as a story..or a poem. Something which I am more comfortable with.

So after much research and looking at the current situation that exists right here in Scotland, comparing and contrasting with Europe and other parts of the world, I decided that my ‘speech’ should be about the complexity of survival and attainment in thriving organically. Perhaps I can make the ‘speech’ something which everyone can take away with them – to think about their own power, their own desires and how that either works with or against someone else’s.

How do nations or groups of people based on ethnicity decide who is more entitled to self-determinism. According to the UN Rights – a nation is entitled to self-determinism of its own culture, and a child is entitled to over 50 rights in their development and protection by adults -we are here to look after them.

I am not a nationalist and never have been. I was raised by nationalists and rebelled. I was also raised to mistrust social nationalism because of the Second World War and to question the use of power to erode my rights. I do, however believe that a people have the right to self-determinism, as long as that is inclusive and actually empowers the most disempowered in society.

As far as I’m concerned, a good nation states that in its laws and in its actions. So how do we decide whether self-determinism is a worthy cause? It’s simple. It’s not about the self, the I or the We. It’s about them. And I think you know what I’m talking about. Or does it have to be written down again and explained so that we get it.

In this world, there should be no us and them, but there is. I will still talk to them, as always, my heart is big enough for all children -how about yours?


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