Helena Andree a few thousand words later…..

People boarded and her carriage started to fill. Her cab had two new travelers, an older woman and a young man with an extraordinary moustache. She put her lap top in her bag and placed the newspaper on the small pull out wooden desk by  her window seat. She smiled and nodded at the two new boarders. The train carried on.

The young man left his seat and wandered off in the direction of the dining car, probably for an early breakfast Helena thought. The older woman took out some knitting from her carpet bag and started to click the needles together, occasionally looking at Helena as if she was about to begin or want to begin a conversation.

“Are you going far dear?’ she asked Helena

“Yes to the south. To see my cousin for the holiday.’ Replied Helena. She wasn’t really interested in engaging in conversation.

‘ I believe the Viper agent has gone in the other direction.’ Stated the woman. ‘I’m Josephine Madina from HQ administration. ‘Just so that you know.’

Helena had heard about Josephine. A well-heeled agent who had also been far in to the future. She suddenly became interested in talking.

‘Where are you going?’ asked Helena

‘Trieste. I have important documents relating to the impending war in europe. We won’t be able to stop it. As you know.’

Helena nodded. There were some things HQ couldn’t stop, It wasn’t he job f the agents to stop history, but to knit together the fragments of dispersed information and to link people during troubled times. Josephine carried on with her knitting.

‘Mishka is not like other agents. She works alone. We will have many troubles with her and she will rise to the top of Viper. George could have taken her out, but he decided not to. We will never know what that could have done if he had. Nor do we know why he decided not to. Try and find out Helena. There is some kind of connection there that we are unsure of. I’m not saying George is not to be trusted. Just that he has a link with Moranovic in some way which is a mystery to us.’

Helena was surprised to hear this. Not much did surprise Helena. She pondered on what Josephine had said.

“Are they related?’ she asked.

‘Not that we know of. George is a bit of a mystery really. No one is too sure where he is from. He seems to not have an origin. If he has, he has kept it a secret for a long time. I think he is from the future. I see him at times beyond this era you work in. But even there, he seems to not have any connections. He is closest to you and John and prefers to work alongside you both. HQ has no real reason to be suspicious of him. But his reticence around Moranovic is something we need to find out about.’

Nanowrimo uncut….2011 

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