A Melancholy Waltz

A song that evokes a time, place, sense of well-being, romance, happiness. We all have an era in our world of music that somehow slips in to the soul and remains forever ours.

If I had to choose an era it would be of Japan the band, the artist David Sylvian. I’ve only recently returned to listening to his music; the older stuff, as I’ve finally shifted from LP to CD, choosing to allow the music of the very early 80’s (and I had forgotten just how far back all this was) to come back in to our home -alive again.

Am I pining for a long-gone past? Not really. Who wants to relive Thatcherism? Yeah, I know, we are.

Nightporter’s a waltz, slow, dark. The far east weaves through it, of course. And I can remember being in a dark room of a grand house on the moors, the moon split by leaded windows as it hung closely by in the clear sky. It was cold, but we danced a fine melancholy waltz. I was sixteen. He hadn’t heard the song before or the band. 

And it’s possible to be dignified at sixteen when the world around you is falling apart, and to have a moment of serenity despite the anger and sense of injustice. But when the waltz stops, it’s time to return to work.

How much do we writers consider the importance of music in our characters’ lives?


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