Dream On

Sitting here on a Sunday morning and grateful for the peace and quiet around me, it feels as though autumn is reluctantly making an entrance. Yesterday was so humid outside, yet the house was cool enough to put on a couple of heaters.

It would take a good few days to reflect on the week that has just passed. Beginning a diploma in person-centred counselling was one major event -a whole day dedicated to unconditional positive regard per week and the challenges that will bring. I have yet to decide whether it will suit me as I have become more and more rights-oriented especially in recent years. I noted this in my reflective journal.

I won’t be saying very much about the course, other than thoughts on my own development during it.

Other things have happened. Long meetings too. An offer made to train and to study  -but more on that another time.

We watched Inception again last night and it seemed to mirror the complexity of the week that has gone by. Not layers of dreams, but of experiences. And I wonder how many people are trying to make their dreams come true.





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