Stuck in the Second Dimension – who sir me sir, yes sir you sir

This weekend has lost itself to a world of imagination after a week of meetings, reality-ville and observations on human behaviour in group settings.

I have spent the last 2 days wondering if my characters’ accents are right and thinking about their backgrounds, their beliefs and what drives them. It seems quite an indulgent thing to do. As does reading all morning. But somehow, after a week of smackety-smackety bla bla bla from the mouths of adults, my characters seem more important. Thinking about villains conjures up 1 or 2 real-life people who would qualify for the role of  ‘master deviant’ or ‘twisted sister’ but I’m sure they would be shocked if they knew what was going through my mind. Actually, if you’re not a fiction writer, be prepared!

Back to the group gatherings – they have all been concerned with tradition, culture and the future. Strangely, they have not included young people. One would think they would be important on such matters. Actually one meeting did have young people present, and it was refreshing, one thing led to another and they decided they were going to do something.

The adults stepped back, as they should.

But this wasn’t the case for other meetings this last week. It was more of the same. Old folk chewing the fat. Tradition is important! History is important! Philosophy is important!

And all I could hear was,’If I were a rich man……….’

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