What do I write?

Well, stories for young folk, kinda like a cross between Spy Kids, Scooby Doo and Secret Seven with some slip-streaming in to keep the reader’s mind ticking.

They don’t involve the same young people, each story is one whole complete one with its own set of characters.

They’re not big chunky things -they’re designed to pop in to a bag or even pocket, to snatch a quick read here and there. Bit risky, I know -but it worked for me when I was younger!

Where do they take part? Ah, the current one is based in Edinburgh, the next in the Highlands….and then we move to far-distant wildernesses.

Why  write adventure? I love adventure books, from old Tarzan stories I curled up with from my sister’s shelves, to Enid Blyton’s bought at the local post-office, sci-fi novellas devoured at the local library, Swallows and Amazons, Treasure Island and many more.

When will the first book be ready? By the end of this year!

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