Revolution of Love

Can you find it in your heart to love somebody who isn’t like you

Someone so different, so distant, so unlike anybody you’ve ever known

Would you help a woman with her baby cross a busy street to catch a bus

Would it matter if she looked like you, talked like you

Is dignity so far removed from our vision, our hearts

That we no longer care, sometimes not even about our own, let alone a stranger

Would you let your son go to war to fight another son, to die for what cause

Or is there something we can do to prevent further distress, anguish, pain

A revolution of love, no less, love me, love you, love everybody

You are as big on the inside as the universe is on the outside

Dig deep, deep into your heart, no faith is required, in a god, but if it helps….

Just faith in humanity, love of all children and this world we made

These are only questions, you have the answer

For the young people who died in Norway and friends. A friend and photographer from Stavanger, Norway.

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