Come on Harry

So much in recent days has been written about our young people in the papers. And so many of them are beginning to experience the reality of the state of the economy, as those in power seek to disempower young people who seemingly can do little to defend themselves.

But is that true in this century? Has there been a shift politically and internationally re young people’s rights? It is heartening, although also tragic, to see young people rise against the civil servant and politician (who live in cahoots with their banking friends) and to demand their rights to an affordable education, housing and jobs.

And why would any nation in its right mind seek to undermine its youth -who is going to carry the legacy of culture forward into the future? What is it all for -all this thrashing by the big boys of stuff like the olympics etc if not for the future of our young people? Ah yes, the ego -I forgot about that – oh, and money.

Watching The Deathly Hallows last night, I couldn’t help but see Harry and his friends as the working class youth of today – half-bloods, muggles -creative to the core yet the evil toff-magicians wanted to destroy them all. And isn’t that the case now? Isn’t that exactly how it is in the real world of Britain today? Because let’s face it, the middle classes especially, have always been scared of the true creative grit and talent of the working classes and have always tried to copy it or steal it.

You want Harry Potter to win, to beat down Voldemort and god knows his power is so very strong right now. But Harry has something on his side, which V doesn’t have really  -and that’s loyal friends, an inner core of  solid goodness and protection by spirits past. Although he doubts himself, feels lonely at times and guilty that he puts others at danger, he is very much respected – and he does have exceptional magical ability. Will he win – most likely yes. Will our young people win -most likely no.


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