Listening and watching….which way round

Watching humans is fascinating, or so it seems initially. Seeing how they dress, walk and talk through towns when shopping or at events. Often they are oblivious to the animals around them, especially birds and what they are doing. The birds are organising their lives, learning to live off our waste, and of course watching us. Years ago I used to bird-watch with my book of European birds and pencil and paper. Listening to them also became part of the ‘observation’, and then comparing them to humans I knew or met – and I wondered if some people were birds in disguise.

My friend Eryth sent me a lovely card last week, of a young woman sitting on a branch on a starry night cuddled up to a giant snowy owl. They both look contented, each comforting the other whilst silently admiring the night sky. There can be no doubt that they are our friends and are looking out for us, we already know they listen in on our conversations.

I like this, it’s Edwyn Collin’s contribution to birdsongs.

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