Nothin’ doin’

Hi, it’s me Larry, again. I didn’t turn up for my photo shoot today, and the tv guys were there too. It was such a miserable day. I couldn’t imagine going out and getting that wet. Yeah, I know I’m a gull and we’re supposed to like it, but as I told you before, I’m a dude. No photo for you today, I’m afraid. If things improve tomorrow, I’ll be there for sure.

One thought on “Nothin’ doin’

  1. I’m not sure if Larry will come back now, he’s possibly decided that hanging outside the theatre isn’t going to get him a role in a show. I also suspect that the other gulls have persuaded him to hang about in town, praying on humans and their garbage and to forget the life of performing. Nevermind, if he does return, I’ll be sure to take a photo or two of him.

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