Beware the fools

There are those who will try to reel you in, to get you to do what they wish to do, or what they are already doing.

More than once has someone tried to lure me into their home for a coffee and a blether. I have resisted.

Yesterday I received my first Pfizer jab. I will still stay clear of the fools…probably forever.

It has been a year of learning. Not just post grad, but of human behaviour during a pandemic.

That is all.

Past, present, future – writing and making for here and now.

Revisiting that which matters…

Gabriel & Hare

Knitting and stitching projects, story-writing and rediscovering poetry are working towards being in the here and now and creating a new tomorrow.

I think it can take quite some time to make a shift, through the generations, out of tradition and into modernity. I am reading a mix of novels at the moment, including Lacuna by Kingsolver, Bosnian Chronicle, by Andric, The Ministry of.. by Roy. All of them evolve around cultures and the shifting of humanity across time. I have also learnt to accept that it’s fine to be between times, one foot here and another over there.

Progress is often slow, with a lot of stalling. It can be frustrating when a vision seems to take forever to transpire. But knitting and writing demand pacing, giving time and trusting the imagination. Trusting that if something wants to happen it will, when it’s ready. The vision of my…

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How to save a heart

Came across this. They’ve gone. But sometimes the sound lingers.

Gabriel & Hare

Peace by day
The beast unleashes itself at midnight
Screaming obscenities
Hurling objects
She not he
A recurring pattern, fuelled

A baby cat, like a child
In amongst all that, cowering
Be careful what you teach your children
About relationships
Or they will grow up
Shouting abuse in the middle of the night

Kind and loving words save hearts

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