The Sorrow and the Shame

Like the Balkans in many ways, over the centuries.

Grouse Beater

508Vast tracts of the Highlands offer arable land, fit for modern farming methods

If clearing people from their land by force is not cleansing what is it?

The term ethnic cleansing to denote over a hundred years of clearing Scots from their land is a phrase rejected by those who see Scotland’s ills issuing from its weather, strange culinary habits, an odd language, and a people a little too inclined to be chippy. Alba, it seems, is full of vexatious people who do nothing but complain.

Using ‘cleansing’ is condemned as out of context, erroneously contemporaneous, too emotional because it was often Scot against Scot.

Well, I have news for slimy proselytisers. It was Jewish guards given temporary preferment who hustled Jews to the gas chambers less their belongings and clothes. They had no choice. It was do or die. Who would dare not call that barbarity a cleansing?

Evictions, deportation in all weathers…

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It’s Earth Day

… and the Easter Bank Holidays. Rebellion is afoot. I sense a long, hot summer of action.

Activities over the weekend include painting and writing, listening to plenty of music.

My fuel, now that the sun is warming, is affogato.

I am avoiding the crowds.

Easter salad recipe:

You will need a large platter for this.

Sliced boiled potatoes and eggs left to go warm

Red onion, red pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, all chopped.

Variety of salad leaves.

Lots of rocket and grated carrot.

Black olives

An avocado, sliced. 

Croutons, pomegranate seeds.

Arrange everything as suits.

Dress with extra virgin olive oil, cider vinegar, lime juice, pepper.

Add some smoked salmon if you fancy it.

I don’t think you need anything else to go with. Enjoy!



Butterbean, butternut squash and red pepper soup.

I made this one up and it is simmering on the stove right now!


1 red onion, 1 medium carrot, 1 stick of celery, 2 garlic cloves – all chopped. Add to the pan of olive oil and saute.

Then add 2 tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper – all chopped.

A few slices of squash.

Tomato puree, vegetable stock, pepper, water, chilli flakes.

Bring to boil and simmer for around 45 minutes. Either serve as it is or blend.

Add a couple of slices of avocado, maybe a small spoonful of yoghurt on top.

Serve with corn tacos.