Late autumn weekend soup

Almost autumn and soup-making season!

Gabriel & Hare

It has taken me many years to get used to chunky vegetables in water! I used to prefer finely diced, whizzed up, cooked to a pulp. I can now eat carrots that have been cut in the round and enjoy them. Here’s a simple, hearty vegetable soup for a day like to day – icy, touch of snow, rather cold outside. Serve with a delicious herby homemade focaccia, warm out of the oven.

After a quick dash to the local market in the northerly wind – we have two veg stalls on a Friday and one on a Saturday – I came back with the following ingredients:

Turnip, leek, carrots, new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower.

How much soup you want to make and what amount of veg you add, is up to you.

I add to the veg, some frozen spinach, dark green lentils.

Then a touch of olive oil, half…

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Mama Nature is in perimenopause

Mama Nature is in perimenopause

Overheating, sweating

Bubbling over

Blood flooding from the inside out

Sleepless nights, fatigued days

There is no reprieve as seasons go by

Years go unnoticed, ignored

She suffers relentlessly

There must be HRT say humans

They gather, they talk, they squawk

But Mama Nature is in perimenopause

Fertility and abundance are flowing away