The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

Gabriel & Hare

This is a sweet novella by one of Japan’s contemporary poets.

The story exists in a small, close environment of a couple, their home and the life of the cat they name Chibi.

It is told simply, yet with great detail. A picture of a world in a walled garden and house unfolds beautifully over the seasons  as the visiting cat comes and goes.

It’s just one hundred and forty pages, but is truly delightful. For cat lovers, for everyone who has loved and lost and learned to love again.

I have  respect and many thanks to give to those who take the time to translate from Japanese to English, that I may enjoy stories from a place I have loved for decades but never been to.

Domo arigato, Takashi and Eric.


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A Winter’s Tail ~ Mia Tales

Gabriel & Hare

A Winter’s Tail

After the arrival of Boro and so much other goodness, Mia’s pantry was fully stocked. There was plenty to get both of them through winter.

There were days when wood and milk were left on the doorstep, other times Boro pulled the cart to fetch and carry.

The house was always warm. Mia kept up her reading and writing daily. She heard about the Annexation from Deda Boshko who said that the troubles were going to continue throughout winter months, perhaps spring too.

One day Mia stepped into the pantry pondering what to bake for her woodland friends. Vegetables and grains with a nice onion gravy, perhaps a good old-fashioned cottage pie with greens on the side.

It had to be a good size. She and Boro could have cheese with it. For dessert, apples, walnuts, dried fruit.

Mia turned over the cheeses on the pantry shelf…

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