Hormonally Yours

30 years since Hormonally Yours by Shakespears Sister.

Gabriel & Hare

Has your body done battle with your mind, your soul, your sense of reason for decades.

Was the only time it was in tune with the rest of you was during pregnancy and that, apparently, was a miraculous happening.

Have you been told to not let your hormones control you. To not let stress rule you, but have been under pressure for years, living off that inner fire that won’t die down.

Did you hope that when it came to the end of the fertility cycle (with a huge bang of course) it would all be over.

Do you not want to hear the word hereditary because…

Did you also hope that you would stop tuning in to other people’s  emotions, raging feelings, great sadness. It doesn’t go away. You have to work with it.

Ever not been able to put yourself first because you are driven by some daft…

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Ten years ago. I can’t recall it though.

Gabriel & Hare

To get into emotive writing I start with a small piece to get my mind focussed. You may find this a little unsettling.

Waiting. This summer has been about waiting. People, moments, for the rain to stop, for the sun to be out and shining for an entire day. For everyone to catch up, to go away and to come back. It’s not possible to carry on. The magnet of the entire earth’s emotions pulls hard. I am in paralysis. Move.

But I can’t move, everything is stuck in emotional jelly, set in a deep large tin. The berries are at the very top, refusing to lay in the base, like the brain cells in my head. Except my head hurts – the jelly feels nothing.

It hurts every morning and the whistling in my ears stop after the first cup of strong dark coffee. The smell of the freshly…

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Lemon polenta almond cake plus crocheted blinis!

This cake is gluten and lactose free. Serve with blueberries and Greek yoghurt. The recipe is on the insta photo.

Crocheting blinis with gorgeous Rowan felted tweed colours. Underneath is an illustration of Isabella and her story, Freedom.